Firm M:
                      It is a very famous producer of actuation devices in Germany. This customer had its own affiliate in Ningbo in the past. After its cooperation with LC firm from 2018, at least 30% of the purchasing costs are saved. Then we also cooperated in the field of sales management, the satisfaction of the local customers and its turnover in the great China area have apparently improved. Now its affiliate in Ningbo is completely closed.
Firm R:
                    Cooperation from 2014, 35% of the purchasing costs have been saved. After cooperating with us Firm R purchase direct from the suppliers in stead of an American trade firm.
Firm C:
​                    Cooperation from 2018
​The cooperation started with purchasing management 
  • ​​Searching for new suppliers for new project.
  • ​Implement of the purchasing plan “K”

After having cooperated successfully in the field of purchasing management, we have started our further cooperation in the filed of sales management in China:

LC has brought up with a detailed marketing analysis about concrete portfolio of product for Chinese market and offered a realizable plan for entering the Chinese market at the very beginning.

After the confirmation from customers the plan has been carried out step by step. A professional big trader has been found within a half year. The flag-ship store of the customer is now opened in nearly all of the famous online platforms in China. 

The turnover in Chinese market rose from 0 to 430T€ in the first year. 

The project runs smoothly and successfully in China even till now.

The customer is very satisfied with it.

Firm G:

Cooperation from 2019. The reason for our cooperation is that, the top management of the headquarter in Germany is not satisfied with the performance of the local affiliate. LC has offered some services as follow:

Ø Marketing analysis about concrete products portfolio 

Ø Realizable developing plan in China and APAC

Ø Costs saving

Ø Restructure of the sales team

Ø Headhunter for new GM and SM

After the cooperation the customer has discovered the great potential of Chinese Market and developed along the right lines. The TOP management in Germany is   very satisfied with the professional service. LC is now long-term consulting partner of this firm for China and ACAP region.

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