Supply Chain Management in China

Do you have the following problems when you do business with Chinese suppliers?

Everyone says he is the manufacture not agent, but actually he is not !

It’s too hard to find a good, stable and trustable supplier among hundreds of similar suppliers in China.

Dear supplier is very friendly but he can’t understand what you really need, want or what you think about, wastes a lot of time for communication.

Dear supplier could provide very good samples, but the products from big order are bad or the quality is not stable at all.

Dear supplier just change something important without informing you at all.

Some reason for price increase confuse you but you can’t confirm them at all or the price should be going down because of some reason in China but you don’t know at all.

 If you have any of the problems with your Chinese suppliers, please contact with us and let's support you with our over ten years professional purchasing experience in China.

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