With the stable growth of world economy, consumption demand of toys is enlarging. China, as the largest toy producer around the world, has 70% market share of toys in the world. Its yearly exporting amount of toys has exceeded 17 billion dollars. Meanwhile, for the sake of health and safety, each country and district in the world has all established strict standard and regulations for toys, which keeps updating and detailing. Litigation cases on toys never stop and the related restrain becomes more strict, which has greatly challenged manufacturer, importer and retailer.

With its advanced technology and professional service, L&C  Supply Chain provides toys test service for the toy companies and has won wide recognition from governments and agencies around the world. Regarding the quality and safety control on toys, different standards and limitation are applied in countries and regions in the world. We will provide test service according to our client's market requirement which will comply with the international regulations. (i.e. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, CPSIA).