Sales management

China is the second largest market in the world and has unbelievable power of consumption. But for the foreign small and middle size companies, China market is attractive but also strange and difficult to enter into. Now you have our support.


We provide our customers with the following services:

-       Local market and competitive product analysis

-       Product advertisement in our data bank and public platform

-       Build up sales channel

-       Look for sales partner, agent or distributor.

-       Customized services according to customer’s requirements just like your own rep. office in  China.

With our own data bank of local suppliers and sales agents in various industries in China, we have helped a lot of small and middle size foreign company to grow successfully in China from zero.


Low cost, less risk and big success is always what we are thinking and for our customers.

Your representative Office/ employee in China.

1.     Are you interested in the largest market in world?

2.     Do you want to know this market with professional analyse of your products?

3.     Do you want to have your own representative offices in China?

4.     Do you want to have your own employee in China who can handle your daily business with your

       Chinese partner, agent or customer?

Maybe it is exactly what you want or you are planning to do but it might be too expensive and risky at the beginning, right?  Please let us help you. We can play the role of your representative office or employee in China with our over ten years cooperation experiences with foreign companies! 

We support you in English, German and Chinese!