SCM-pro system developed by LC international
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Due to covid-2019 everyone prefers working at home. Under this situation digitization of working has become more and more important. Today we want to proudly introduce our self-developed digital platform for our long-time customers - SCM-pro(Supply Chain Management-pro). With SCM-pro you will have no difficulties in sending your orders, tracking your goods, and other trivial things which stand in the way of a fluent communication between you and suppliers especially suppliers from another countries.


SCM Pro has been developed for supply chain partners to work on the same platform in order to improve the connection and corporation more time-friendly and efficiently. It digitized the communication as cloud-based. Every single step of the supply chain can be tracked, managed and analyzed within the system.


Firstly, our customers can place an order simply by filling in the form with your products information. Details of the products should be already discussed before using the system and known both by customers and suppliers. These information will be processed and categorized automatically by our system and sent to our operator immediately.


Secondly, choose your suppliers to complete your order. Information of your suppliers will be filled in and saved by our operator. We can also help you with finding appropriate suppliers in China. So when you want to place your order to a specific supplier. Simply choose the supplier in the drop-down box and all information of the suppliers will be presented for you.


After receiving your order from the system, our operator will forward all of the information to your referred suppliers. The suppliers will firstly update a delivery time, and then upload all materials you need step by step in our system. During this process, you dont have to communicate with an unfamiliar supplier from another country directly, which may spend a lot of time and lead to misunderstanding because of time difference and gap of different languages. Our project managers who are native speaker of Chinese and also good at both English and German will take charge of the communication with suppliers for you. Once problem arose in this process like change of the product design, new product inquiry, quality problem, etc. Feel free to contact our project managers, they will spare no efforts to help you solve the problems.  


Our system also provide you with a Infographics for analyst.The statistical results for info graphics are all organized by year. And all of the types support to filter into more detailed data by varied items, which includes product type, division/brand, supplier/factory. This part can be customized. Here are some examples of data type: 
  • Inspection Numbers: This chart clearly describes the monthly amounts consist of first inspection, re-inspection and aborted inspection, from which it can tell the proportion of different types easily.
  • Acceptable Quality Level pass rate: This chart shows both QA final decision result and AQL result with splines  and columns depicting the monthly statistics clearly.
  • Inspection location: The distribution of inspection location will be shown in the map with different depth of color.

You can finish your order only within these two steps mentioned above without striking a blowing and then wait for the updates of necessary materials like Test reports, PL, BL etc by our operators, which can be downloaded as well. Our project managers also help you with the quality inspection before sending to make sure that the products youve received dont need a rework and avoid further troubles in advance. We are your representative office in China and spare no efforts to protect your benefits on behalf of your company.

Our SCM-pro is open to our long-term partner. Feel free to contact us for more Information.